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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Sandy Utah

Why Hardwood Refinishing is a Necessity

Refinishing and sanding your hardwood floors is necessary to preserve their quality and beauty. Any refinishing is done solely to enhance the woods natural color and protect it from the elements.

Proper refinishing should last about 10 years. However, high traffic rooms will need to be done more often.

Hardwood floors are easy to take care of, however, they do need to be maintained. We recommend a maintenance coat every 3-5 years. 


For more information on maintenance, coats see maintenance and cleaning.



The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process:


  1. A refinish process starts with the sanding of the wood. The depth of the sanding will be determined by the depth of the scratches in the wood. We use only the latest sanding equipment that uses the "Less Dust" process. Of course, we will cover all of your furniture and valuables with dust covers to ensure their safety.

  2. Once the wood is cleaned of all scratches and stripped of old polyurethane, the natural color of the wood can be left or you can add color by staining the wood.

  3. After the final sanding has been completed, you may choose to stain your floor or keep the natural color. Our team will show you samples on the floor to assure you to pick the right color for your home. 

  4. Next we apply 2 coats of finish with the gloss of your choice. We recommend an acid cured or Swedish finish. However, we also offer a water-based and oil-based finish. 

  5. After both coats of finish have been applied, your floor can be walked on in 24 hours. 

Safety Comes First


Our expert technicians also use dust containment systems to limit the amount of dust in the air. While refinishing, it is important to have as little airflow as possible in the area, as airborne particles can become embedded into the newly applied finish. Something as simple as foot traffic or turning on the air conditioner/heating system can kick up dust, so it is better to allow more time to dry to avoid problem areas on your floors.


Our service ensures your floors look fantastic and you are completely satisfied. Contact us today to get a free on-site estimate with one of our expert technicians throughout the Salt Lake City area.

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